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Fairy FAQ’S

When does my fairy come to me?

When you have installed your door and registered your fairy name on the fairy workplace log we know instantly whether you would like a girl or boy fairy so we alert the council who immediately send the fairy to its new home. Leave the glass-encased key beside your door and after midnight that very night your fairy shall arrive to you, open their door and move in. The fairy will hold onto the key from now on as they need to come and go.

Will I ever see my fairy?

If you are lucky you might. Fairies are very secretive but love writing letters, so write to your fairy and they will surely write back. Leave the letters outside their door and they will see it after midnight. Fairies are curious little things and love to learn new things, so keep your eyes open because you might find clues as to where they have been.

What should I do with my door?

Put your door somewhere that your fairy can come and go easily, leave letters, gifts and treats, fairies love to be loved so don’t forget to let them know you’re thinking of them and you never know what may happen – you may receive letters back! How Exciting!!!

Where should I put my fairy door?

That is up to you, fairies can fly so access is not a problem – put it somewhere it won’t get damaged like on a shelf or a skirting board. Maybe on the stairs or by the fireplace – cosy! Put pictures of your door and its location up on the gallery and we will show the council just what you have done with your door. You can email your pictures to –

Are the fairy doors waterproof?

Yes, they surely are and they are magic, but be warned breaking, damaging, banging or pulling at fairy doors is terrifying for fairies so don’t do it. If you break a fairies magic they will be sure to leave and go home to be healed and sent to another home.

What should I do with my key and bottle?

Leave your bottle with the key beside the door the night you have registered your fairy, and after midnight your fairy will arrive and use the key to enter its new home. The bottle will be there the next morning but the key will now be with your fairy to come and go as they please.

Can I leave a message for my fairy?

Yes, yes, yes! Write letters, draw pictures, leave treats (especially raisins, fairies love raisins) or gifts. Your fairy will be thrilled to be thought of and will look after you really well, maybe they could even make a couple of simple wishes come true.

Where should I leave my tooth when it falls out?

Right beside your fairy’s door! Best thing to do is after you are all washed and ready for bed with your PJ’s on, go over to your fairy door and gently knock twice. This will wake your fairy up if they are sleeping. Let them know that your tooth has fallen out and that you have left it outside the door for them!

How or what should I name my fairy?

Anything you like – your fairy has no name as all fairies are born in secret in a valley and then sent to you. Be creative, adventurous or daring with the names but be sure you can spell them, because writing letters can be tricky if each one begins with Mr. Zabadabadoda. Some names already given are Esme, Tilly, Potter and Tim. Check out our fairy names page for more suggestions.

Is my fairy door a toy?

No, DEFINITELY NOT – your door is a fully functioning gateway from your home into your fairy’s. They are magic but be warned breaking, damaging, banging or pulling at fairy doors is terrifying for fairies so don’t do it. If you break a fairies magic they will be sure to leave and go home to be healed and then sent to another home.

Where do fairies come from?

A deep green valley in rural Ireland. It is very beautiful there.



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